friends make MEASURING easier !

Measuring is easy and it doesn't require a tailor's help. 

Please refer to these instructions: Video Instructions and Illustrative Graphics


A) Require: 1) A good friend,  2) measuring tape and 3) a notebook and a pencil (or Ethique Chic Online Measurements Form)
B) While taking measurements, please make sure you wear a nicely fitted dress for accuracy.
C) While taking the measurements, please make sure the tape is snug but not tight/stretched.
D) While taking the length measurements, please make sure you stand upright. Please make sure you do not bend or stretch.
E. All measurements in the video are in inches


Please refer to these video instructions for all dress types. This video is demonstrated on an A-line. However, it has all required measurements for Shift dress, Trapeze and Tops. It covers almost all measurements for Long dress as well except 2 measurements specific to Long dress. Please refer to the graphical illustration for the additional measurements for long dress. 

measuring instructions for


measurements for

A-line, Shift and Trapeze Dresses

measurement instructions for


sleeves and neck lines

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