Introducing Ethique Chic

Last 4 years have been truly transformative for me and my husband. We visited India in 2015 to celebrate our son’s first birthday with our loved ones. In that visit, witnessing the contrast between unsustainable consumption of the western-world and the socioeconomically struggling emerging markets, broke our hearts. The trip motivated us to become social entrepreneurs and drive change in society through responsible business practices. With that motivation, we started our first social entrepreneurship project, Ethique Chic. In our pursuit of social impact, we recognized that we must focus on basic human needs. We believe that apparel industry is the one with highest potential for scalable transformation. The roots of Ethique Chic (“ethically fashionable” in French) are nourished by our mission of promoting environmental sustainability and social responsibility in apparel industry.

Apparel industry is the second biggest culprit of climate change; biggest post-consumption waste generator; biggest water polluter in Asian countries; and produces largest portion of the eco and human toxins, largest labor exploiter, largest employer of child labor and holds the biggest wedge in income inequality. Fast fashion, conventional farming with fertilizers and pesticides, chemical based processes in apparel supply chain, corporate greed and conspicuous unethical consumption are some of the significant components that we are aiming to address immediately.

A bee strives relentlessly for the benefit of its colony and the environment. It embodies our mission of promoting Environmental Sustainability and Social Responsibility in the Apparel Industry. 

Our systemic redesign of the entire apparel supply chain, from farm-to-rack, focuses on extracting resources gently from planet earth; transforming them in to finished products using chemical free processes; and distributing equitable value among all the people involved. All our fabrics are responsibly sourced, guided by Fair-trade principles. We use upcycled silk and GOTS certified organic cotton fabrics dyed using herbal dyes. 

Ethique Chic’s custom-tailored apparel provides our conscious consumers, like you, an opportunity to express themselves through personalized styling and embrace the slow fashion moment. We love to hear your stories and create products that embodies your values and lifestyle.  If our designs do not resonate with your lifestyle, please reach out to us and we will try to honor all your personalization requests.

Founders: Deepthi & Vasu

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